Saturday, April 30, 2011

The existence of mosquitoes

Summer is approaching.  I'm looking forward to being able to go outside without a coat or jacket on.  I'm especially looking forward to the clear nights when I can get out my telescope and peer into the universe that surrounds us.  The one thing I don't look forward to is the mosquitoes.  It's extremely annoying to go outside and realize I'm just a big walking meal for thousands of little insects.  While mosquito repellents are effective, I hate having to take the time to apply them and then having to shower afterwards to remove them just to have an hour of comfort outside. 

When I used to travel to India, we would take anti-malarial medicines because of the mosquitoes.  We would sleep with mosquito repellent coils burning in the room to protect us.  I have no idea what chemicals I was breathing.   These devices were generally effective.  We would only have a few bites in the morning.  I've heard that scientists are working on laser targeting systems that can detect mosquitoes and fire a tiny laser to kill them.  This would be amazing technology, and I wonder what it would look like when in use.  I can imagine a tiny laser light show shooting around the room. 

We've all experienced the nuisance of mosquitoes.   They are a part of our lives.  They are everywhere, and nobody doubts that they exist.    Why isn't it the same way with God (meaning, the Christian god, but the same applies to all deities)?  If God really existed, why wouldn't it just be an obvious part of the world, just like mosquitoes are?  Why would we need to "believe"?  You don't have to believe in mosquitoes, they just exist, and that's it. 

Imagine what the world would be like if God really existed.  God would be visible and evident in some manner.  If natural disasters actually happened, the people who prayed would always survive.  I read today that an entire town in Alabama was destroyed by tornadoes, including all three churches.  If God existed, the report would be that the town was destroyed, but, of course, the churches were protected. 

If God really existed, people wouldn't have to make up convoluted arguments for why Evil exists in the world.   Either it simply wouldn't exist, or God would make it perfectly clear to every human why it does.   We would never have religious wars, because it would be obvious to everyone what God was and how he acts.  Nobody fights wars over their belief in the nature of mosquitoes. 

If it appears that I'm oversimplifying theology and I don't understand the subtleties of the nature of the existence of God and the need for Faith or whatever, well, that's not the case.   If an all-powerful, omniscient, omnipresent entity actually existed, it would be obvious.  We wouldn't need holy books full of opaque metaphors to explain it.  There wouldn't be dramatically differing opinions on the matter.  It would be as obvious as gravity, or the air we breathe, or mosquitoes.

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